This Is How You Can Mute Annoying People On Instagram Without Unfollowing Them

Have you ever been in a situation where you would want to get rid of all the nonsensical and unwanted posts from your Instagram newsfeed without letting the users know about it? Well, Instagram will be rolling out a brand new ‘mute’ feature which will empower you to mute specific people or their posts without unfollowing them.

The process of muting someone within the application is very simple. All you need is to tap on the ‘menu’ button on the top right corner of a specific post from the user (you would want to mute), and tap mute. By adopting this method, your newsfeed will not be bombarded with the offending user’s posts. Moreover, the user will not be notified that s/he has been muted. However, if you are tagged in his/her posts/comments, you will get a notification.

It is pertinent to mention that you can also mute some business profiles as well. If their posts do not excite or appeal you anymore, you can mute them in the similar fashion.

Instagram will make this feature available in the coming weeks. Therefore, if you are not seeing this option as of yet, you will quite sooner!

Source: TheNextWeb
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