Most Top Free VPN Service Providers Sell Your Data To Third Party

VPNs are essentially used to access blocked websites and to secretly browse the internet. However, do you know the repercussions of using free VPNs as they could ultimately sell your data to third parties? Well, it’s a wrong assumption that VPNs can’t access user’s data. In fact, they very much can.

It is pertinent to mention that most of the free VPN service providers do mention on their privacy policy page that the data could be shared or sold to third parties. However, people do not bother reading it and continue using it.

Some of the major VPN service providers include:

- Hotspot (more than 500 million downloads)

- Hola (over 152 million users)

- Betternet (more than 38 million users)

There are 3 primary reasons why the aforementioned and other VPNs share your data. One is the server costs which they have to pay as all the traffic will be ultimately routed through their server. The second reason is that they have to make money to survive and your data is their product. Last but not the least is the perpetual greed which never ceases them from doing what they actually do.

A user can opt for some alternatives rather than using free VPNs:

1- Discover an open source VPN

2- University of Tsukuba, Japan offers free VPN service. Use it

3- Install your own free VPN

Article Source: TheNextWeb; Image Source: PCMag
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