Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin: Social Media Business Etiquette - #infographic

30 years ago, promoting your business may have been limited to the price of half a page in the newspaper and 10 seconds on local radio. In today’s global marketplace, a world where businesses from all over the world are available at the swipe of a finger on a smartphone, your online presence has never been more important. You need to stand out from your competitors, be available for questions and queries and make a connection with your customers so that they’ll use your service again and again. If you do it right, the best place to do that is on social media.

So, what social media platform should you use, what should you post and how can you make your business stand out in your industry? See the Tollfreeforwarding's infographic below to find out.
Social Media Business Etiquette - #infographic
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