Facebook's Snapchat Clones Are Beating the Original [CHART]

One of the biggest problems for Snapchat is the fact that it is beaten at its own game by its most powerful competitor. Facebook introduced clones of Snapchat’s popular Stories feature to Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger in 2016 and '17, respectively, and this copycat approach appears to be working out.

As of October 2017, both Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status, as the Snapchat-like features are called, had 300 million daily active users, beating Snapchat's daily user count by more than a hundred million. Like Snapchat, Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status let users apply filters and stickers to videos and photos that disappear after 24 hours.
Snapchat Vs. Instagram and Whatsapp: Attack of the Clones - #infographic

Article by Felix Richter, Statista.
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