How To Protect Your Children On Their Smartphones - #infographic

As a parent it’s scary letting your child use social media and browse the internet. The world is becoming more and more accessible every day, and with that, so are our children.

With stories hitting the headlines every day it’s more important than ever to know what your child is doing on their smartphone.

Today, children are online from as young as three years old, with the average age of a child receiving their first smartphone being just 10.3!

According to statistics, a quarter of children have pretended to be older in order to get an account online, while it’s also claimed that almost a third of parents allow their kids to use the internet freely without any restrictions.

However, while this all sounds scary, it doesn’t have to be, and children can play care free on their smartphones and online with your own supervision.

The infographic below from Fixapplenow highlights the steps and measures you should take to ensure your child is safe playing on their smartphone.
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