Facebook Bars 200 Apps From Its Platform Over Suspected Data Misuse

On Monday, Facebook announced that it has ceased roughly 200 apps from its platform for potential data misuse. As a result, the suspended apps cannot use Facebook unless a thorough investigation comes to a final conclusion.

According to the Vice President of Facebook Product Partnerships Ime Archibong, the process of investigation is currently in full swing. He further affirmed that Facebook do have a team of internal and external experts who are working tirelessly in order to resolve the investigation at the earliest.

Since the investigation is currently underway, Archibong made sure that if any app did in fact misuse user data then they would be banned straightaway and the people would be notified through a press release. Notably, Facebook has investigated thousands of apps until now and have suspended only a handful as the platform feels further investigation is the need of an hour especially after Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal.

Back in 2014, Facebook made some alterations in its privacy policy; however, it also stated that some apps could still have the data of the users since they must have secured it prior to the policy change.

In an online statement, Ime Archibong avowed:

“There is a lot more work to be done to find all the apps that may have misused people’s Facebook data — and it will take time”

Image Source: Gadget360
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