23 Words and Phrases to Eliminate From Your Writing Today - #infographic

Concise writing gets results and gets read.

If tight writing is your goal, an infographic from Global English Editing can help. The graphic excoriates word-garbage like “very,” “basically,” “totally” and “essentially” and cautions against redundant phrases such as “past history.”

Fluffy fillers, including “for all intents and purposes” and “due to the fact that,” are also named and shamed.

Even seasoned writers should be vigilant, lest weak qualifiers such as “maybe” and “perhaps” sneak into sentences. Vague words such as “many” or “few” can sap strength from otherwise vital prose.

If you need guidance during your writing journey, reading through the infographic below will point you in the right direction.
Infographic: 23 writing redundancies to avoid

Article by Robby Brumberg, Prdaily.
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