Desperation among Tinder users for a failure to use Facebook to access the application

  • The 'app' to link gave error to thousands of users who had used their Facebook account to register. 
  • Facebook requires new permits in response to the scandal of the data leak of its users.

People Couldn’t Log In To Tinder To Cancel Their Dates Because Of Facebook

The controversy over the filtering of data from millions of Facebook users continues to kick in and has caused collateral damage like that suffered by thousands of users of the Tinder contact application, according to BuzzFeedNews.

The app to link gave error to thousands of users who had used their Facebook account to register in Tinder. These days, when opening the application it gave an error that indicated that Facebook required new permissions and entered a loop that did not allow users to manage or enter their accounts.

Tinder responded shortly afterwards, stating that "a technical problem prevented some users from accessing our service today." We found a solution and quickly resumed the service, asking our users to make sure they have updated the application and are using the service. Most recent version."

Mike Schroepfer, director of technology at Facebook, revealed in the social network the origin of the problem: "As of today, Facebook will have to re-approve all applications that request access to information, such as records, likes, photos, publications, videos, events and groups."

"The changes in access to Facebook data are a response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which revealed that the firm had collected data from 87 million Facebook users without their consent."

Finally the error was corrected and it seems to have worked again, in spite of which and if the failure loop continues, both Facebook and Tinder recommend to log in again from the dating service website.

Written by: Susan Daigle
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