This Is How Facebook Can Collect Your Data Even If You Do Not Post On Facebook

The product management director of Facebook, David Baser, recently explained how Facebook can extract data from your profile even if you rarely or do not post.

This is how they are able to gather information:

1- Social plugins

2- Facebook login

3- Facebook Analytics

4- Facebook ads and measurement tools

When a user gets logged in on another website or an app through Facebook, the social platform is informed about it even if a user logs out. It indicates that Facebook still manages to collect the information of a user from a lot of different places. It is pertinent to state that Facebook’s reach is quite hard to avoid.

According to David Baser, Facebook also gathers the information through:

1- Computer IP address

2- Type of browser

3- Type of software

4- Other relevant material

David affirmed that Facebook doesn’t sell any data. Instead, it utilizes the information to better cater the needs of an individual.

Image Source: YouTube
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