6 Things Every B2B Brand Needs to Know About Content Marketing - #infographic

Content marketing has been a staple of B2C firms for years—and B2B businesses are finally benefiting from this approach. B2B firms are now regularly producing digital content, including blogs, videos, and social media posts. However, they often find themselves overwhelmed with the constant changes in content marketing approaches. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell which tactics are working—and which ones are not.

Knowing the approaches that work best will help you determine the right marketing mix for your B2B brand. MDG Advertising’s new infographic explores how B2B businesses can thrive by implementing different content marketing strategies. Using multiple research reports, MDG gathered useful data about content production, promotion, and lead generation.

So, where do B2B organizations stand when it comes to content marketing? Ultimately, using thoughtfully created content is an effective way to generate leads. Webinar registration tends to attract business as well as downloadable content. But to achieve success with content, brands must establish clear goals—firms that write down their goals are more likely to accomplish their objectives. Plus, measuring the performance of different digital platforms allows you to see whether your initiatives are working.

Once just an emerging marketing tactic, content marketing is now an established, vital part of any B2B firm’s promotional strategy. B2B companies that produce engaging, high-quality content will enjoy business growth and increased exposure. To learn more about the state of B2B content marketing, read the full infographic.
The State of B2B Content Marketing: 6 Things Every Brand Needs to Know [Infographic]
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