Is Augmented Reality The Future Of Un-Tech? - #infographic

Perhaps the biggest downfall of virtual reality is that users are completely cut off from actual reality when they use it. Sure, this seems like a great application for entertainment and gaming, but even then many users report motion sickness when using this technology. This is probably why, even though virtual reality has been around for decades, there has been minimal adoption of this otherwise insanely awesome technology even as it has gotten more accessible. What people really want is a more seamless transition from their regular lives to this type of technology. Enter augmented reality.

With augmented reality the world becomes your screen, or rather the technology blends seamlessly into your existing surroundings. This is actually an even better technology for gaming because instead of being cut off from those around you the technology actually becomes more interactive for everyone using it.

Work applications for augmented reality are also growing, but there are already exciting possibilities on the horizon. Imagine being able to bring up charts in a meeting without having to look uninterested with your nose in the screen, or being able to display auxiliary information overlaid on the meeting surface. The future is now - this tech is already here in development.

Augmented reality is the future of un-technology because the emphasis is on reality rather than on the technology - it supplements the existing world rather than replacing it. We all know that nothing is more annoying than being in a meeting and everyone has their faces buried in their phones and laptops, barely paying attention. This technology has the power to bring that attention back to the environment where it belongs.

Learn more about augmented reality from this infographic!
Un-Technology: The Future of Work and Play - infographic
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