The Good The Bad The Ugly Of Social Media Influencers - #Infographic

Like anything else, social media influencer marketing can turn out extremely good, and sometimes the opposite.

This infographic highlights some examples of what makes a good post, the bad, and the downright awful.

A Good example: Selena Gomez posted a photo of herslef sipping a bottle of coca-cola through a red and white straw as part of "Share a Coke and a Song" campaign. The photo became the most popular image on Instagram. As a result over 6.9 million likes and more than 170K individual comments made the an incredibly successful campaign for Coca-cola.

A bad example: Scott Disick posted an image of himself with the BOOTEA product. In the caption, he copied and pasted the instructions from BOOTEA company that he received. Including, the time to post and what to write, for everyone to see. This brought an unreliable reputation for Scott and BOOTEA as it seemed as though they were manipulating viewers.

Check out this infographic from Redpill for more insights.
The Good The Bad The Ugly Of Social Media Influencers - #Infographic
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