Digital Advertising Trends in 2018 (Infographic)

From being a traditional industry that used to depend on channels such as radio, newspaper, magazine, and print ads, the advertising landscape has greatly evolved over the last two decades and is now a sector that is heavily reliant on digital technology.

This comes as no surprise given the extreme competition that exists in most markets these days. In order to stay relevant and fresh in the minds of their target audience, many businesses have leveraged a plethora of digital advertising platforms – making it a 229.25 billion industry in 2017, according to Statista.

With digital advertising tools such as PPC, social media ads and native advertising continue to advance and become more viable, we can expect that more businesses will shift to digital advertising to widen their audience reach and at the same time measure the effectiveness of their campaigns more efficiently.

That said, the world of digital advertising has gone through a lot of development in the past recent years. There is the increased adoption of mobile advertising, as well as the sudden surge of video ads all over the web. In 2018, we can expect to see a new set of trends and shifts that will further shape the face of this industry in the years to come.

Infographic source: Digitalmarketingphilippines.
Digital Advertising Trends in 2018 (Infographic)

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