Unleash The Power Of Networking [Infographic]

The Art and Science of Networking - #infographicNetworking has gone digital, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a face-to-face component anymore or that it is all transactional. Networking is a very important part of building your career, and it can do much more than just help you get a job. Building a strong network is likely to get you better job offers with more money and you are more likely to stay at a job longer if you got it through your network, but it’s also a great way to always know who to call when you need them, to mentor or be mentored, and it can even give you a greater quality of life to have a strong professional network.

Back in the days before LinkedIn and other social networks networking was done exclusively in person, and the people who did it best worked hard at earning and maintaining relationships. Somehow with the advent of the Internet the notion that networking was about building volumes of contacts instead of actual relationships came into vogue. Unfortunately this has left many people with unrealistic expectations for the power of networking.

Networking is all about building quality lasting relationships with people who will compliment your career aspirations. It’s definitely NOT about throwing stacks of business cards down on a table at a networking event and hoping someone takes one and calls you and offers you a job out of the blue. It takes time and effort to build a lasting network. Learn more about the art of networking from this infographic!
The Art and Science of Networking - #infographic
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