16 Good Luck Charms from Around the World

This visual from Invaluable on good luck charms shares the different charms people use for good fortune all over the world!

For example, in Guatemala, a common talisman for sleep anxieties is the worry dolls. Sleepers will tell the doll their worries, then place it under their pillow. They believe that the doll takes on their fear so they can have a good night's sleep, not unlike the Native Americans dreamcatcher! Or, for example the maneki neko cat of Japan is said to bring good fortune when people place it in their home. The position of the cats paws—whether the right or left one is raised—changes what type of luck the receive will get, as does the color of the cat! With several charms to choose from, getting lucky has never been easier
infographic - 16 Good Luck Charms from Around the World
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