Fontsutra: Font Trends Looming on the 2018 Horizon – Infographic

Nobody is in oblivion about the power of fonts. After all, fonts solidify branding, evoke feelings and emotions, and help create eye-catching designs. However, akin to any other facet of design, the undeniable thing about typography is that the trends waver faster than Katy Perry changes clothes!

While Playfair Display, Museo Sans, and Brandon Grotesque continue to hog a soft corner in the hearts of designers for now, a whole suite of fonts are making headlines of late, some even more than others as clairvoyants have predicted. Even more surprising is the fact that some of the fonts that we presumed long dead are being resuscitated back to life, bigger and better, such as the old fella’ serif who knows how to stay lively and sprightly through the wear of ages.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into font trends that are perched over the design horizon of 2018 in this mesmerizing infographic designed by DubaiMonsters to help designers stay abreast of the latest font trends. Rest assured, you are in for a treat!
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