Does Influencer Marketing Still Drive Brand Discovery?

This chart looks at the most impactful forms of brand discovery in 2018, and see how a much-discussed contender, influencer marketing, compares.

Despite a fragmented media landscape, it’s mainstream resources like search engines, TV ads and word-of-mouth recommendations that are the top sources of brand discovery. While it may have lost top spot to search engines in 2016, and is not the mainstay of mass media it once was, TV ads still offer impressive penetration. Even though 43% of internet users ad block, 3 in 10 discover brands through ads seen online.

It’s worth highlighting the gender split in the brand discovery journey. Social sources like word-of-mouth or social media recommendations are particularly effective with women, whereas men are likely to find brands through content like TV shows or websites as well as through friends.
Does Influencer Marketing Still Drive Brand Discovery? - #infographic

Infographic courtesy of: Globalwebindex.
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