Amazon Has The ‘Most Positive’ Impact On The Society: Survey

According to a recent survey poll conducted by SurveyMonkey and Recode, it has been revealed that 20% of the Americans consider Amazon as having the ‘most positive’ impact on the society. The tech firm managed to surpass some of the biggest tech giants in Google, Apple, Facebook and even Microsoft. 20% of the Americans felt that ‘none of the above’ tech companies made any positive impact on the society.

In most of the surveys, Amazon regularly stays on the top. The company also secured the top position in a poll which was held last year by The Verge.

One of the greatest aspects of Amazon is that it never ceases to amaze people with its growing and improved services. Moreover, Amazon also tries to become even a more popular company by using its ever-growing popularity and reach.

Featured image: Ted S. Warren/AP Images
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