7 Advertising Trends 2018 - #Infographic

The world of advertising has evolved quite a lot in recent years and this year it will continue on its merry way and transform into something bigger and better. What does that mean for advertisers? Where is the world of advertising heading? What would the future of advertisement look like? These are some of the more pressing concerns that keep advertisers tossing and turning at night.

Here are seven advertising trends that you cannot afford to miss in 2018.

1. Experiemental advertising will be the next big thing

2. Programmatic advertising will grow

3. Spending on mobile ads will skyrocket

4. Contextual ads will be everywhere

5. Video ads will continue to dominate

6. Native ads will take over

7. Audience based advertising

Check out the complete infographic from Branex for more insights.
7 Advertising Trends 2018 - #Infographic
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