10 SEO & Design Mistakes (That Will Cripple Your Business)

There are great designers, and there are great SEO's, but it is unusual to find a person or team that possess both skill sets. This is why you need to be careful if you allow a designer to control the whole outcome of your site.

Designers can (or should) usually take care of the usability aspect of your site, but if they are not familiar with the SEO side of things you should really think about hiring a separate entity to take on this aspect of the design of your website.

Ideally, this should happen from the get-go to avoid the two parties having to back-track on this that had not been planned out at the beginning.

There are several aspects a potential designer for your site might not be aware of, so you should quiz them on these things before agreeing that they should start work.

First, they should definitely be thinking about how the site is presented to visitors on mobile devices. This is huge these days!

Website navigation as we said is essential, but what else should they be thinking about that isn't so obvious? Find out in the infographic below.

Infographic courtesy of NoHatDigital.com
10 Seo Design Mistakes (That Will Cripple Your Business)
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