YouTube And Pinterest Users Barely Disclose Their Marketing Relationships

According to a latest study conducted by Princeton University, YouTube and Pinterest do not reveal almost 90% of their marketing relationships with the users. Most of them are surrounded with affiliate posts which content creators can add in their posts. The research paper further disclosed that publishers receive a good chunk of money from the companies whenever a user clicks on the link.

When Princeton University further went on to analyze the numbers, it was revealed that they took evaluated over 500,000 YouTube videos and roughly 2.1 million pins on Pinterest. Out of those, 3,472 YouTube videos or 0.67% and 18,237 pins or 0.85% contained associated links.

Most of the affiliate links on YouTube were about film and animation, science and technology, events and travel, and style. The affiliate posts on Pinterest were primarily about products, hair and beauty, sports and women’s fashion.

Image Source: PerformanceIn
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