Women Leading The Future Of Blockchain [INFOGRAPHIC]

Women in TechnologyDuring this International Women’s History month, lots of people are talking about women’s contributions to various fields. Women have played a major role in almost every aspect of life and have contributed to every field, even when it wasn’t visible. Women were some of the first computer programmers and computer scientists, and even today in the world of cryptocurrency there are women blazing trails toward the future of currency.

Thanks to people like Ada Lovelace and Katherine Johnson we have things like computer algorithms and mathematical calculations that make computers run. As men have joined these fields women’s contributions have been forgotten.

Today thanks to those women who paved the way in computer science there is a new generation of women working toward the future of currency by developing blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and standardization of both so that the world can move on to the next big thing. Women are solving the problems that are holding these technologies back from achieving wider adoption, such as standards and other image problems. Not only does public opinion need to catch up in order for more people to adopt the use of cryptocurrency, but also public policy needs to catch up so that there is more legal framework for how these currencies will operate.

Without the women from the past who made such a huge difference to the field of computer science there would be no blockchain technology and no cryptocurrency. Learn more about the women trailblazers in cryptocurrency who are building the path to the future from this infographic!
Check out this infographic tracing the roots of how women have shaped technology as we know it — from the past and into the present day of crypto!
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