The State of Video Marketing in 2018 - #infographic

Every marketer has questioned when and how they should be using video in their projects and campaigns. While you’re still chewing over whether you should get on board, your competitors are producing how-to videos, promo campaigns with video bloggers and using an animated header for their Facebook page. They know where the future is headed.

Video has shown to dominate all other formats in terms of user engagement. Looking ahead at 2018, it’s safe to say that video is here to stay. Maybe you’re convinced now, but where do you start?

You can add a video background for your landing page, choose a video format that works for your campaign, create a test video from stock footage or at least try making GIFs.

Now, if you’re still on the edge about video at this point, or somehow doubt that video is the future of online marketing, check out the infographic about video marketing stats. This one’s for the bookmarks.

The State of Video Marketing in 2018 - #infographic
H/T: depositphotos
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