Google Calendar, Facebook, Candy Crush Saga: A Look At The Apps That Make You The Most — And Least — Happy

Center for Humane Technology recently associated with an app, Moment, which tracks the screen time of an app as in how much time has been spent on a particular app and how happy/regretting was their experience.

After securing a data from a pool of whopping 200,000 iPhone users, 99% of the users feel happy about using these apps:

1- Calm

2- Google Calendar

3- Headspace

4- Insight timer

On the other hand, 77% of the users regret using the Grindr app, and 64% Facebook users regret wasting their time on the app.

The Apps That Make Us Happiest are The Ones We Spend The Least Time With

The following chart exhibits the average daily time of ‘happy’ users vs ‘unhappy’ users:

The Mobile Apps That People Regret Using

Apparently, Netflix is user’s favorite as more users are happy using it than the unhappy ones. However, App Store is disliked by number of individuals and it’s liked by too few.
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