How Brands Struggle Internally to Adapt to Digital - #infographic

As digital disruption continues to create both challenges and new opportunities, brands are making changes to their legacy operating models, technologies and processes, according to Accenture’s Intelligent Operations research. But there are impediments to transforming marketing, and many of them are internal. Two-thirds of marketers see lack of long-term investment as an obstacle, for instance, and a similar percentage say fear of change is holding their company back.

As they consider how to transform their marketing models, which Accenture research shows is a top priority for most companies, CMOs are recognizing the need to make investments and changes in their marketing organizations, as a full 95 percent of companies globally say they’re investing in structure, people, processes and tools to boost their digital maturity.

How Brands Struggle Internally to Adapt to Digital - #infographic
H/T: adweek

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