Facebook Is Expanding The ‘Breaking News’ Label To More Publishers

In November 2017, Facebook started testing a ‘breaking news’ feature in the news feed and it was presented to a handful of publishers. However, in a latest revelation, Facebook has decided to expand it to 50 more publishers across Latin and North America, Australia and Europe. Facebook will further expand this label to even more publishers if things go well.

Publishers can use this tool just once in a day and they can set a time limit of up to 6 hours for one story to be set as breaking news. The feature can be added to Facebook Live videos, instant articles and links. A red indicator separates the label of ‘breaking’ from every other news story.

A user can also report to Facebook whether a specific ‘breaking’ story was worth the tag. It will help Facebook in enhancing their tool. Additionally, Facebook has stated that the conversion ratio besides liking, commenting and sharing has also amplified ever since the social platform is testing this feature.

Image Source: TechCrunch

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