Digital World Of 2017 In 60 Seconds

Living in a technological era has its own pros and cons. A lot of people over the internet downloaded and uploaded ample amount of content, sent and received number of files, watched and listened to movies and music respectively and searched for stuff in bits and bytes.

Following information reveals what precisely happened in 60 seconds in the digital world in 2017:

- Over 243,000 images were uploaded on Facebook

- Over 65,000 pictures were put on Instagram

- More than 350,000 tweets were sent on Twitter

- A whopping 29+ million messages were processed on WhatsApp

- Over 156 million emails were sent

- More than 87,000 hours of videos were watched on Netflix

- More than 400 hours of videos were uploaded on YouTube

These crazy numbers are expected to amplify further in 2018.

Image Source: Statista
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