Chrome 65 Is Now Available For Mac, Linux And Windows

In a latest announcement, Chrome 65 is now available for Mac, Linux and Windows and its being rolled out ahead of the Android variant. Primarily, the newest update emphasizes on launching various brand new features for the developers who can take benefit. Additionally, the update also focuses on security enhancements.

Some of the fundamental updates are:

1- CSS Paint API: It empowers the developers to programmatically draw an image

2- Server Timing API: Developers can evaluate the performance of web applications by taking into account the speed of both client and server

3- Web Authentication API: Creation of robust and verified scoped credentials by web applications

Chrome 65 is much faster and secured and it has already supported on Gmail. As far as the security is concerned, it supports draft-23 of the TLS 1.3 protocol.

Image Source: WccfTech
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