Chart of the Day: Facebook Trailing In Trust

When it comes to obeying laws protecting personal information, Americans have less faith in Facebook than other tech companies. That's according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released at the weekend. Facebook has been engulfed in a storm of criticism after it emerged that political consultancy Cambridge Analytica harvested and exploited the personal information of 50 million of its users. The firm is trying to restore its badly tarnished image with CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently issuing a public apology. Judging by the findings of the poll, the social network certainly has serious work to do in order to restore confidence in its user base.

The research found that only 41 percent of Americans trust Facebook to obey U.S. privacy laws, far less than other tech companies known to gather user data. 66 percent of respondents said they trust Amazon, 62 percent trust Google and 60 percent trust Microsoft. Apple and Yahoo! were also ahead of Facebook in the trust stakes. The evaporation of trust among its users wasn't the only headache for Facebook in recent days.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said it is investigating the firm to determine if it had "failed" to protect the privacy of its users. According to former FTC officials, the social network could be penalized severely if it is found to have violated or failed to comply with the consent decree it agreed in 2011. Fines could amount to $40,000 per violation and theoretically, this could all add up to $2 trillion. News of the investigation saw shares slump 6.5 percent in afternoon trading.
Infographic of the Day: Facebook Trailing In Trust
Via: Statista.
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