6 Tools Your Startup Needs in 2018

If you are an emerging startup or looking to discover one then there are certain tools which needs to be utilized to keep up with it. Therefore, things become a lot easier if such tools are properly leveraged. Following are 6 tools which will help you launch and build your startup:

Medium (effective blogging tool)

One of the most influential blogging networks happen to be Medium as more and more people are switching from WordPress to this very platform largely due to secure more traffic and to ink things down in a more effective manner. Its discoverability is quite easy and user-friendly. Additionally, publishers are always in quest of a great content.

Typeform (essential for marketing)

Typeform is an effective marketing tool for startups. It helps in collecting data such as feedback through online forms. It can be used simply by creating a one page website through which ample amount of information can be obtained from the relevant people. Some of the other benefits of Typeform is that it is also used to organizing team events, gathering employee/client feedback and construct quizzes, etc. If you're looking to make a survey, Typeform is worth giving a try.

Slack (digital workspace for internal communication)

Slack is one of the most powerful communication tool for startups and the internal communication within an organization. It’s a digital workplace where an owner creates a cubicle, assigns tasks to various admins so that they can lead and organize the team in the best possible manner. Moreover, the productivity is not impacted even if he joins Slack remotely.

Trello (keep track of everything)

The core functionality of Trello is that it helps in keeping track of almost everything. Essentially, it can be utilized for logging different ideas, planning projects, forming lists and keeping track of program applications. Trello works flawlessly across all devices and an easy-to-use application. Furthermore, it has got some terrific plug-ins which empowers startups to integrate with some other apps.

Stripe (effective payment method)

If you offer online courses or have an e-commerce store, then Stripe is an ideal application for you to secure online payments, that too, without any difficulties. It is an effective tool for online payment processing particularly for online ventures. The startup can grow with timely payments and it can generate online revenues by using Stripe.

Mailchimp (for sending bulk emails)

Mailchimp is completely free for startups or anyone with a mailing list on 2,000 subscribers. Therefore, if you would like to keep your audience informed about certain news and updates then Mailchimp should be your go-to application. In addition, it also creates email automations for online courses.

These 6 aforementioned tools can greatly boost your startup. Happy startup-ing!
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