Voice over Trends in Marketing and Advertising, 2018 - #Infographic

2018 is the year of the approachable expert - the voice of authority, but relatability.

The recently released 2018 Voice Over Trends Report, combines the statistical insights of internal business data with the survey results from nearly 1,000 marketing and advertising professionals.

Among the findings, it was discovered that the demand for localized voices (accent and dialect) is on the rise among industry producers and creatives. This isn’t just for English speaking voice actors either, as, from 2016 to 2017, the demand for Non-English voice over grew by 60%.

Also, don’t worry human voice over actors: robotic A.I. voices aren’t here to replace you. The demand for subtle, but important, performances aren’t possible for our android friends... Or at least that’s what humankind believes, as 93% of survey respondents agreed that the human voice is more powerful than a synthetic (or computer-generated) voice.

Voice over Trends in Marketing and Advertising, 2018 - #Infographic
H/T: voices
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