These 220+ Websites Are Offering Free Tools and Services

The internet is full of freebies ranging from the smallest of things like hair products to the largest of them like machines and what not. Apart from products, there are also thousands of free services available on the internet. These services include free CV builders, plagiarism checkers, invoice generators, website creation tools, and much more. Here is a list of 220+ websites and tools that provide a variety of things for free:

Logo Design

LogoJoy: Online logo creation and generation tool.

Website Design

HTML5 UP: This website provides free HTML5 and CSS3 templates to help you design your website.
Bootswatch: The Bootswatch website provides loads of free themes for Bootstrap.
Templated: Templated is another website with more than 845 free HTML5 and CSS templates. lets you create a website from scratch, and that too, for free! Similar to, also enables you to create free websites. Lets you design a unique blog/website. It's easy and free. Plus, Blogger (owned by Google) offers free SSL/HTTPs service (from for custom domain names with just 1 click.
Strikingly: Strikingly provides free mobile optimized websites for strikingly domain holders.

Web Hosting

GoDaddy: One of the best Internet domain registrar and reliable web hosting company
InfinityFree: Infinityfree provides free unlimited web hosting.

Invoice Generator

Invoice to me: Invoice to me provides a free invoice generator.
Free Invoice Generator: It is another free invoice generator.
Slimvoice: Slimvoice provides you with a simple invoice generator.

Business/Idea/Website Name Generators

The Name App: The Name App helps you find an available name for your business / organization / idea.
Naminum: The best place for you find the perfect name for your business.
Wordoid: This site will also help you to pick an eye-catching name for your newly created business.
Hipster Business Name: Hipster business name is another business name-generator.
Domainr: Short and catchy domain names for you!

Blogging and Writing Tools/Plugins

Hemingway: A heaven for writers, stylize your writing!
PaperRater: The best website for your writing correction. It checks spelling and grammar mistakes in your content.
Plagiarism Checker: An online duplicate content detection tool.
Medium: Medium is a reader’s heaven containing stories and ideas from everyone around the globe.
ZenPen: A free writing tool.
Editorial Calendar: It helps you to manage your blog through drag and drop actions and also lets you see all your posts.
Story Wars: Write stories with people all around the world.
Headline Analyzer: Analyzes your headlines based on emotional marketing values.
WP Hide Post: Lets you choose what to show and what not to show on your blog.
Social Locker: Makes your content visible to only those who share it on FB/Twitter, or other social websites of your choice.
Portent: A free content generator.

See What’s Trending

Google Trends: Shows latest trending searches.
Buzzsumo: Shows content based on topic and popularity of that topic.
Hubspot Blog Topic Generator: Blogging idea generator.
Google+ What’s Hot: Displays latest news in every niche.
Twitter Trending: See what’s trending on Twitter.
Quora: Have questions? Get answers from Quora.

Website Rating and SEO Analysis

Reddit: A content rating forum.
Open Site Explorer: A link analysis tool for websites.
Ahrefs: Ahrefs enables you to check your backlinks and provides a free website explorer.
Quick Sprout: A full website analyzer.
Wordpress SEO by Yoast: SEO optimized WordPress website generator.
SEO Site Checkup: SEO doctor for your website.
Hubspot Marketing Grader: A simple marketing grader.
SimilarWeb: Shows online statistics of your domain.
Alexa Ranking: Ranking analyzer for all websites.
SERPs Rank Checker: SERP checker with free keyword ranking feature.
OpenLinkProfiler: Free backlinks generator. An alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner.
Google Analytics: Analyzes your website based on different factors.
Google Keyword Planner: Shows the best-selling keywords.
Google Webmaster Tools: Optimize the visibility of your website.
Browseo: Enables you to look at your website from search engine’s point of view.
Broken Links Checker: Helps you track broken links on any public web page.
Copyscape: Displays copies of your websites available on the internet.
Woorank: Website ranking and SEO ranking analyzer.
Google Pagespeed Insights: Website performance tester.
Pingdom Website Speed Test: Similar to Google Pagespeed Insights, helps you check the load time for pages.
Moz Local: Shows your listings on Google and other engines.
XML Sitemaps: Creates XML and HTML variants for your website.
W3C validator: Provides markup validation services conveniently.

Image Rescaling and Optimizing

TinyJPG: JPG format image compressor.
TinyPNG: PNG format image compressor. Online image compressor for almost all formats.
Kraken: Image optimizer and website accelerator in one place.
ImageOptimizer: Compress and resize your images for free!
ImageOptim: Optimizes your image and helps load them faster. Wordpress plugin for image optimization.

Photo Editors

Canva: Simple graphic designing tool for websites.
Pixlr: An online photo editing software. Helps you create eye catching graphics.
Social Image Resizer Tool by Sprout Social: Resize your images for social sharing.
Placeit: All product templates in one place.
Smartmockups - Free smartphone, laptop and other products mockup generator
Recite: Embed your quotes in stunning graphics.
Meme Generator: The first and the most used meme generator!

E-mail Collection and Sending Services

Contact form 7: WordPress plugin for email collection.
Mailchimp: Enables you to send multiple emails to subscribers for free.
ManyContactsBar: A free contact form for your website.
Sumome List Builder: Light box popover to collect email addresses.
Scroll Triggered Box: WordPress plugin to boost your conversion rates.

Social Media Blogging and Survey Tools

WriteRack: Best for Twitter blogging.
Click To Tweet: Helps you increase the number of times your content is shared.
Later: A scheduler for your Instagram posts.
Wordpress Pin it Button for Images: A WordPress plugin to let users pin images.
SharedCount: A share counter for your blog.
Crowdfire: Easily follow or unfollow people on Instagram and Twitter.
SocialRank: Twitter manager for followers.
Klout: Lets you keep track of your social media influence
Ritetag: Hashtag analyzer.
Riffle: Provides all available info on a Twitter user.
Buffer App: Post scheduler for Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
Bitly: Enables you to shorten and share URLs.
Addthis: Increase your shares and followers by optimizing your sharing buttons.
Disqus: Introduces a comment section in your blog.
Socialr: One of the best content manager for Facebook that lets you upload/schedule YouTube videos with just a link.

A/B Tests

Google Analytics: As a free option, GA is the baseline of all website data analysis.
Optimizely: All in one optimizer for websites and mobile apps.

Graphic Design Services and Resources

Freebbble: Free high quality designs from Dribbble.
Dribbble: A heaven for freebies.
Graphic Burger: Free graphic designs for personal and commercial use.
Pixel Buddha: Graphic resources for free.
Fribbble: Free PSD graphic resources provider.
Freebiesbug: PSD and other free graphics for designers.
Dbf: Free graphic designs by Dribbble and Behance.
Marvel: Free designing reesources.
UI Space: Hand crafted high quality free graphic resources.
Free Section of Pixeden: Free graphic design services.
Free Section of Creative Market: Provides freebies every Monday.
Freepik: Graphic solutions for everyone.
Tethr: IOS design kit for developers.

Color Pickers and Tools

Material Palette: Material Design color palette creator and publisher.
New Flat UI Color Picker: Matching colors for your UI design.
Flat UI Colors: Flat colors provider.
Coolors: Color scheme generator based on website themes.
Material UI Colors: A color palette for iOS, Android, and Web.
Colorful Gradients: Automatic gradient generator.
Brand Colors: Displays colors used by different brands.
Paletton: A color scheme producer.
0 to 255: All colors in one place.
Colour Lovers: Color, pallets, and pattern sharing platform.
Adobe Color CC: Adobe’s own color sharing community.
Bootflat: Flat colors for flat designs.
Hex Colorrrs: A simple converter for Hex to RGB format.
Colllor: Another simple color palette generator.
Palette for Chrome: Enables you to create a color palette from any image.

Get Your Design Ideas from Here

MaterialUp: Material design ideas for you.
Site Inspire: Displays newly made web designs.
Moodboard: Platform for Moodboard creation and sharing.
Land-Book: A gallery for landing pages.
Behance: Discover new and amazing graphic work.
Pttrns: UI patterns for mobile users.
Flat UI Design: UI board for Flat UI creators.
Awwwards: Shows award winning graphical work.
The Starter Kit: Provides graphic facilities for designers.
One Page Love: Get your one-page website ideas from here.
UI Parade: UI design ideas and tools in one place.
The Best Designs: A gallery for the best web designs.
Niice: A search engine for designs and ideas.

Stock Photos and Videos

Pexels: A collection of the best photos for free.
Pixabay: High quality images collection.
Stock Up: Get stock photos free from here.
All The Free Stock: A gallery for free stock images, videos, and icons.
Unsplash: High resolution photos available for free!
Startup Stock Photos: Stock Photo creator and publisher.
Moveast: Collection of pictures from a Portuguese guy travelling east.
Travel Coffee Book: Picture gallery for travelers.
Designers Pics: Another collection of free photos for you.
Death to the Stock Photo: This site directly sends you free photos every month.
Foodie’s Feed: A high-res picture gallery for food lovers!
Jéshoots: Free photos collection.
Super Famous: A collection of photos by Folkert Gorter; a Dutch interaction designer.
Picography: High resolution photos for free.
Little Visuals: Sends 7 high resolution images to your inbox every 7 days.
Splitshire: Free stock photos.
New Old Stock: Provides vintage photos.
Picjumbo: Free photos of all categories.
Life of Pix: High resolution photos absolutely free!
Gratisography: Another collection of high res photos.
Getrefe: A gallery of photos that you can download for free.
IM Free: Free graphic resources.
Cupcake: Photo gallery provided by Jonas Nilsson Lee.
Public Domain Archive: New stock photos added every day.
ISO Republic: Free high quality photos.
Stokpic: Free stock photos.
Kaboompics: Another free photo heaven.
MMT: Stock photos rough to you by Jeffrey Betts.
Free Digital Photos: Provides high quality stock photos and illustrations.
Public Domain Pictures: A collection of public domain pictures for personal and commercial use.
Stockvault: A collection of more than 116,000 free stock photos and graphics.
Free Images: A source of more than 300000 stock images.

Typing Tools, Icons and Fonts

TypeGenius: The perfect font search engine.
Font Squirrel: Free fonts for commercial use.
Google Fonts: Optimized and free fonts provided by Google.
DaFont: A collection of free fonts available for download.
1001 Free Fonts: Another collection of more than 1001 free fonts.
Font-to-width: A script which identifies the best weight and size of font to be used inside a container.
Icons for Everyone!
Flat Icon: An extensive collection of vector icons.
Material Design Icons: Google’s archive of free open-source glyphs.
Font Awesome: A website for font and relative CSS.
Glyphsearch: A search engine for icons.
Ico Moon: Icon generator along with 4000+ free icons.
The Noun Project: Glyph icons by different artists.
Perfect Icons: Create social icons for free!
Icon Finder: Provides a free icon section for your website.
Free Round Icons: Free Round Icons consists of a set of flat, doodles, and vector line icons.

UI Design Tools

UI Names: Name generator for newly created UIs.
UI Faces: Sample avatar generator for UIs.
UI Blurbs: Provides simple and fast user bios for mockups.
Copy Paste Character: Collection of various characters to copy from.
Window Resizer: A collection of different sized windows to see how your content looks on each one.
Audio Tools
Noisli: Background noise generator.
Noizio: A great sound equalizer.
Defonic: Create a melody by joining different sounds. Collection of playlists by designers and for designers.
Coffitivity: Get access to coffee shop sounds while at work.

Get Rid of Distractions!

Self Control: A Mac application that blocks distracting websites.
Cold Turkey: Windows application that will help you temporarily block distracting websites.

Organize Your Tasks

Trello: Helps you keep track of your tasks.
Evernote: An app for note taking and organizing tasks.
Dropbox: Free 2GB online storage.
Yanado: Task manager for Gmail.
Wetransfer: Transfer data up to a volume of 2GB.
Pocket: Have something to read later? Add it to your pocket.
Mailtoself: An extension for iOS which enables you to send notes to yourself through any app. List creator and search engine.

Remote Working and Nomad Lists

Nomadlist: Provides a list of the best cities to live and work remotely in.
Upwork: World's leading marketplace for hiring freelancers and getting freelance jobs online.

Free Start Up Related Stuff

Product Hunt: Listing of new products every day.
Angellist: A social platform for startups.
Beta List: List of startups being initiated in the future.

Places To Work Together At

CoFoundersLab: A co-founder search engine.
Founder2be: Helps you find co-founders for your startup.

Learn New Skills

Skillshare: A collection of free online lectures.
Khan Academy: World class education for everybody.
Coursera: Online classes from more than 80 of the top universities in the world.
Codecademy: Codecademy helps you learn to code in every language!


Foundrs: Foundrs is an equity calculator for co-founders.
HowMuchToMakeAnApp: Helps you calculate the cost of a mobile application.
Pitcherific: Create and train your pitch.
GrowthHackers: All growth hacks in one place.
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