The Power Of Good Graphic Design In Digital Marketing - #infographic

In the days of yore, businesses heavily relied on print design for marketing purposes. However, as technology has rapidly advanced in recent years, people are becoming increasingly dependent on their computers, handheld devices, and smartphones for their day-to-day activities.

That’s not to say that print design is dead. Rather, marketing has largely shifted to digital, and consumers are now more visually inclined than before.

Then again, in today’s digital landscape, the attention span of the average web user is now shorter than ever—shorter than that of a goldfish, which has a 9-second attention span, as human beings can only maintain focus for 6.8 seconds. That means that you have barely 7 seconds to grab the attention of your audience.

Good graphic design is very powerful in digital marketing. Not only does it represent a brand and reflect company culture, but it also transcends the brand message to consumers.
The Power Of Good Graphic Design In Digital Marketing - #infographic
H/T: microcreatives
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