The Different Types Of Hosting For Your WordPress Website - #Infographic

When first starting out you just need to get your website online, so you most likely opt for a cheap shared hosting package and don’t look back. After some time when you’ve grown successful and you have an audience you aught to upgrade to a managed solution as you may not realise but your website is probably slow and annoying for your visitors. Not only that but it may be directly hurting your bottom line.

Seeming as most people leave a website after it has taken more than 3 seconds to load and do not return, it would make sense to review your hosting to ensure that your website has a better chance of being seen, allowing it to grow and give you a better return on your investment.

Of course there are other factors that can cause a website to lack in performance such as using an off the shelf theme or having an image heavy website, however ensuring that your website has good hosting foundations would be the first place to start when wanting to optimise it.

A lot of people don’t even realise, or they choose to ignore the fact that their are different types of hosting – this is all rather technical so it tends to be something that gets put to the back of the to-do list never to resurface again.

Developers may want to host clients websites to make extra income, or perhaps they just want to ensure that their clients have the best possible hosting to provide a better chance of succeeding with their online investment.

The Different Types Of Hosting For Your WordPress Website - #Infographic
H/T: newtlabs
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