Tech Disruptors in 2018 - #infographic

What’s common to chatbots, AI and voice search? These technologies have already been around, although their full potential hasn’t been explored. Yet.

In 2018, we expect to see companies grilling deeper to customise and innovate these technologies and make them more “intelligent” than ever before. The pursuit for replicating human thinking and behavior in machines is only going to get stronger as companies invest more resources into making AI a strategically important function, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see AI and voice search combine and produce highly contextual and relevant results.

Forrester Research predicts that IoT will become the backbone of customer value as companies find newer ways to harness its power and reach out to their customers. Which of the following trends do you think would be the strongest? Share your opinions in the comments below.

Tech Disruptors in 2018 - #infographic
H/T: railsfactory
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