Millennials Prefer Mobile Devices While Baby Boomers Go For Laptop For Online Activities

There is no denial that a bunch of laptop users have migrated to mobiles for online activities (such as social networking, entertainment and news) and latest research backs this statement. However, the usage of mobiles varies immensely between different generations.

Millennials are a mobile go-to generation for almost all their online needs. Only 3 out of the 34 online activities tracked by GlobalWebIndex are preferred on the laptop while the rest of them are essentially fulfilled through mobile devices.

The impact of mobile among other generations is relatively lesser. A tie was observed when Generation X users’ online activities were tracked. Primarily, the desktop was preferred to access emails and for other services like Wikipedia.

27 out of 34 online activities by Baby Boomers are laptop-first while only 7 out of 34 are mobile-first.

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