List Of Top 10 Countries In Terms Of Online Censorship

In a predominantly technological era where almost everything is available online to see has its own demerits too. As a result, most of the countries have taken some stern measures to limit the online access of the user. It takes too few seconds for someone to connect to his loved one even if the recipient is residing 12,000 miles away from him.

Only less than 25% of the countries are able to access the internet for ‘free’; i.e. without any limitation for the user. According to the Freedom House’s 2017 Freedom on the Net report, Bahrain is handpicked as the top country in terms of limiting the content for her users followed by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Top 10 most censored countries:

1- Bahrain

2- Pakistan

3- Saudi Arabia

4- Vietnam

5- Uzbekistan

6- Cuba

7- Iran

8- Ethiopia

9- Syria

10- China

infographic courtesy of: Top10vpn.
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