How Your Brain Stores and Processes Memories - #infographic

Your brain is more complicated than you could ever imagine, but even though it is complicated and mysterious it can still be used against you. Manipulative people know how to exploit your brain’s memory processes, planting false memories or even making you doubt true ones.

It is possible for people to mistake imagination for actual memories, and this trait can be exploited to plant memories that never happened in someone’s brain. All it takes is a little bit of suggestion and you will start to remember things differently.

Your brain is a very powerful supercomputer- even though it is only 2% of your body’s weight is consumes 20% of your caloric intake! Each part of your brain controls a specific function, but they all have to work together to form memories and control your basic bodily functions.

Learn more about memory hacking from Self Storage Finders infographic. You might be surprised how complicated your brain is!

How Your Brain Stores and Processes Memories - #infographic
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