You Won’t Believe How These 10 Famous Companies Started Out - #infographic

You Won’t Believe How These 10 Famous Companies Started Out [INFOGRAPHIC]Marriott. Wrigley’s. Nintendo.

It may seem that the world’s most recognizable companies started out million-dollar businesses out the gate. However, you’ll be surprised to find that many of the top companies in the world started out doing something completely and unbelievably different from what they’re known for today.

For example, Marriott International, one of the largest hotel and hospitality chains around the world, started out as a small root bear stand in 1927.

Wrigley’s started out selling soap and actually gave away gum for free in order to increase sales.

Even Nintendo, one of the most iconic companies in the world, started out manufacturing playing cards.

It’s clear to see that all of the entrepreneurs who started some of the world’s most successful companies, did not start with a million-dollar business plan. In fact, one of the key traits of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to adapt to new opportunities and iterate quickly. It’s very likely that if Wrigley continued selling soap, would chewing gum be as popular as it is today?

If you’re one of the many people who dream of becoming an entrepreneur some day, but find yourself to be too much of a perfectionist or trapped by good dose analysis paralysis, rest assured. Maybe all it takes to start a successful business, is following your gut and taking the first step.

Checkout the rags to riches stories of 10 famous companies in the infographic below by Fundera and get ready to take the first step.
How Famous Companies Started Out - infographic
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