Google Eradicates ‘View Image’ Button From Search Results

The change has been made. Google has finally confiscated ‘view image’ button from the search results. Subsequently, a user will now have to go through quite a few steps before using a specific picture which earlier used to get saved with just one click.

The move has come into play to protect the rights of the original creator of a specific image. Essentially, the move will irritate the users while websites and photographers will be relishing the change.

Need of a specific picture will take the user altogether to a website where the image can be found. As a result, the website will be generating some revenue by serving the ads. Ultimately, this will benefit the publishers and photographers. However, this will infuriate a layman as he will have to go through a lengthier and time-taking process to save a certain image.

There’s one catch though and i.e. a user can still open an image in a new window by right-clicking on a certain picture after tapping onto in the search result.

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