Digital CX Trends 2018 - #infographic

This research has focussed on five key areas of technology that are increasingly influencing the digital customer experience: mobile payments, voice assistants, chatbots, virtual reality and augmented reality.

To quantify how much hype these topics are generating, we turned to Google News. This showed us the number of news stories mentioning each topic in 2017 to date.

Data from Google News and Google Keyword Planner was gathered on 24th November 2017, running from 1st January. Within each topic, we included a selection of related terms; e.g. for voice assistants, we included data for ‘Alexa’, ‘Amazon Echo’, ‘Google Home’ and ‘smart speakers’, as well as the exact phrase ‘voice assistants’.

And finally, to contrast and contextualise this data, codecomputerlove commissioned OnePoll to survey a nationally-representative group of 1,000 British adults to reveal more about the prevailing awareness of and attitudes towards these technologies, and towards digital experiences in general.

Digital CX Trends 2018 - #infographic
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