9 Daily Rituals To Boost Performance At Work - #infographic

If you’re looking to give your performance a boost, take a leaf out of Barack Obama or Oprah Winfrey’s books. The former president started each day in the White House by rising at 5 a.m to hit the gym, while Oprah begins her mornings with twenty minutes of meditation.

In fact, some of the most successful people will tell you that incorporating a few daily rituals is the best way to get motivated and prepare for the work challenges that lie ahead.

There is clear scientific evidence to show that rituals play a crucial role in boosting performance. But why do they work? Scientists say it all comes down to anxiety. It’s not uncommon to experience anxiety in the workplace, which makes it harder to perform at peak levels. Performing a ritual before you attempt the task reduces anxiety, allowing you to be at your best.

9 Daily Rituals To Boost Performance At Work - #infographic
H/T: poundstopocket
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