Ultimate New Employee Checklist - #infographic

Taking on a new employee can be a positive moment for everyone involved. However, both you and the new recruit are likely to be nervous that those first few weeks go well. How can you ensure that the introductory period is welcoming and productive?

It can be intimidating for a new employee if they’re not given a chance to settle in – but the boss also needs to make sure that good habits are being formed. The key to this is preparation.

It’s rare that an employee will have a detailed idea of what those first months will look like before they arrive, so arrange a work buddy and a couple of shadowing sessions to help them find their rhythm. Get their security passes, desk, and company email arranged in advance, and your new recruit will soon feel at home.

This prep work is a build-up towards the new hire’s 90-day assessment. You’ll check in with them before then, of course, but the three-month mark is the moment to do a full assessment of how things are going. You should look at their stats, at the way they fit in with the team and – if you intend to keep them on – potential adjustments that each of you can make to be more successful.

Ultimate New Employee Checklist - #infographic
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