Why is the Internet Obsessed with Cats? (Infographic)

The Internet is obsessed with cats. Every time a new trend goes viral it seems that cats are at the center of it. Sticking a slice of bread on your cat’s face? Viral. Setting a cucumber next to your cat and watching it jump in terror? Viral. There are even cats that make millions of dollars a year just by looking grumpy. Are cats at the center of all of this, making humans act like idiots so they can achieve fame? The world may never know.

Some of the reasons why we might be slightly obsessed with cats as a culture include:

  • Your cat does not care and it bothers you on a subconscious level that at the same time you find relatable and might even be envious of
  • Cats aren’t as expressive as dogs so you never know how they feel
  • Your cat does not care if you have your camera out and will just continue to do whatever it feels like doing
  • You might be projecting your emotions onto your cat and giving him more power over you than you should

Now there are cat conventions popping up all over the place as humans become more and more obsessed with their felines. You can take your cat and buy cat stuff and raise money for cat charities and possibly end up in Vanity Fair or The New York Times. And you won’t be the only person there who’s obsessed with cats!

Learn more about the Internet of Cats from this infographic, which comes courtesy of PetLifeToday!
The Internet of Cats [Infographic]
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