The Future of SEO - #infographic

Think about the last time you wanted to try a new restaurant or store. Did you search for its location on the Internet? Did you read reviews and look for social media posts discussing the quality of the food or product?

If you did any of these things, you are living proof SEO is alive and well. SEO may not be the same kind of strategy it was five or even two years ago, but it has evolved along with the rest of the digital landscape.

The question isn’t whether SEO is dead or alive, but instead, are you prepared for its role in future marketing campaigns?

As we usually say, don’t just take our word for it; we’re right, but we have proof! According to a recent survey, 96% of marketers use SEO to provide informational and educational content to their audience. This isn’t surprising, but we do feel bad for the other 4% because, well, what exactly are they doing?

The Future of SEO - #infographic
H/T: wsiworld
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