Population Of Facebook Surpasses 2 Billion Mark

Facebook is now the largest social media platform. It’s been used by over 2 billion people across the world. Facebook Inc. is leading by whopping 700 million as the second on the list with most user base is WhatsApp with 1.3 billion. Facebook Messenger is at No. 3 position with 1.2 billion users while WeChat and Instagram and have 980 million and 800 million users respectively.

The aforementioned social media platforms and some others as well lure the advertisers in terms of the users’ like, dislike, behavior, pattern etc. As a result, advertisers reach their specific market and they get the opportunity to exhibit/advertise their product.

This is precisely the reason social media marketing has grown over the past few years and the numbers are immense. The revenue from social media is expected to hit $23.8 billion by the end of this year.

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