Organizing your office to increase productivity - #infographic

Organisation is key to running a successful business. From your office insurance package, to your day-to-day operations, everything must be organised and optimized to get the most out of your business, and save money where you can.

After a business has organised their structure, growth plans, and everything else that can improve its bottom line, many business owners neglect the simple basics, such as organising your working environment. However, the truth is an organised office can be just as effective at improving a business’s bottom line as directly optimising your operations.

Fortunately, organizing your office doesn't require a qualification in interior design. All you need is the input of your staff and some common sense. To help you take the first steps to a more optimized office, we have put together this useful info-graphic for inspiration and an indication of where to start.

Organizing your office to increase productivity - #infographic
H/T: makeitcheaper
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