Opera 50 Lets You Secure Your System From Cryptojacking

The awareness of cryptocurrency among the millennials has amplified its trend but with every boom, there are some shortcomings too. In a latest revelation, the updated Opera 50 browser will let the users secure their system against any form of cryptojacking (a tool which is used to crack mathematical problems and later creating digital coins via using your CPU).

Opera 50 houses built-in safety against cryptojacking and it uses No Coin list. The browser keeps getting updated as soon as new mining scripts arise.

This is how you can activate Opera 50 in your browser:

- Turn on your browser’s built-in adblocker in preferences

- If you would like to see ads and protect your system simultaneously then click on ‘No Coin’ box

There are chances that other browsers will follow Opera’s suit and introduce such built-in measures.

You can download Opera 50 by clicking here.

Source: Thenextweb
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