London Dethrones New York To Become The Most Hashtagged City On Instagram

Instagram is now one of the favorite apps among the travelers. Subsequently, London has surpassed New York to become the most hashtagged city in the world as per the recent report of ‘Hashtag the World’. In 2017 alone, the word London was hashtagged 88.87 million times – an increase of whopping 38%. Therefore, London is hashtagged 59,850 times every day.

Some of the other cities with most number of hashtagged posts in 2017 are as following:

New York – 88.5 million

Paris – 75 million

Dubai – 59.7 million

Istanbul – 50.2 million

Miami – 44.3 million

Los Angeles – 36.4 million

Barcelona – 34.1 million

Moscow – 32.4 million

Chicago – 31.4 million

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