10 Tips To Master The Art Of First Impression - #infogrphic

First impressions only take a tenth of a second to be made but can affect you hugely. Nearly every human interaction we have sees us being judged in what scientists call a “thin slice” of immediate perception. Making a great initial impression on people is therefore a life skill that all of us should work on.

Helpfully, Onstride Financial have put together some great tips in this infographic to get you started on the road to making a positive first impression.

These include many simple ways to alter your body language and conversation skills to fully engage and impress people you meet. This can be as simple as changing the way you dress, by choosing more understated clothes and toning down the colours so you come across as non-threatening.

Another useful hint is to respect the other person’s personal space “bubble” which is about 1.5 foot, or the distance from one’s fingertips to their elbow. By not invading this invisible barrier you help people to feel at ease in your presence.

Your body is a powerful tool when it comes to first impressions so use it well. One should always smile during a conversation, though without grinning constantly, people perceive this as making a person trustworthy, intelligent and friendly. Similarly, it is good advice to keep your arms uncrossed, thus opening “body windows” to the other person, showing that you are approachable and feel relaxed.

Considering how important it is to make a great first impression it is definitely worth your time checking out these hints and trying to implement them into your daily routine.
infographic - How to Make a Good First Impression (Without Appearing Desperate)
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